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Do you want natural skin care products manufactured with ingredients tested without animal experiments and approved by Greenpeace?

Then select from Phyto Naturelle’s large assortment of face and body products which are inspired by the Japanese beauty & wellness culture.

Japanese recipes form the basis of the products prepared according to traditional methods developed in a renowned and specialised Dutch laboratory.
The 1st class Japanese green tea, high quality natural ingredients and cold pressed nourishing oils provide a pleasant perception on the skin and offer beautiful results in skin improvement.
The pure, natural ingredients stimulate cell renewal and protect preventively against premature ageing, and with this don’t disrupt the natural balance of the skin.

You are taken care every day from head to foot with products that originate from Mother Nature, and match a healthy and conscious lifestyle. There are products for men and women, for the Caucasian and Asiatic, as well as black skin.

Just like every person is unique, the Phyto Naturelle products are also unique: 

  • Every product is prepared according to traditional methods;
  • Every product contains the best Japanese green tea;
  • Products with as much as possible natural ingredients;
  • Natural oils provide a pleasant odour;
  • All products are free of animal substances;
  • All products are free of poisons;
  • Products have a natural UV-filter.

Phyto Naturelle high quality cosmetics are derived from the phytotherapy better known as herbal medicine. For centuries phytotherapy has been used successfully to keep the skin healthy. The raw materials consist exclusively of plants and herbs which work synergistically, therapeutically and skin regenerating.

With Phyto Naturelle skin care you remain naturally beautiful at any age.
Your skin shall thank you.

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